We work with founding teams to identify and address obstacles and opportunities. We get our hands dirty. We recognize obstacles and empower teams to navigate them effectively, because great companies aren’t built by surviving the obstacles they encounter, but by leveraging them in a way that strengthens the team, product, and business.

We work side by side with founding teams in a variety of capacities, providing services including

Back Office Services and Accounting

Contract Negotiation


Digital Marketing

Product Strategy

Organizational and process design

Agile and Lean Implementation


Chris Graham

Chris Graham

Managing Director and Founding Partner

His goal is the same no matter the product: align incentives. When clients, developers, designers, and stakeholders are incentivized to cooperate, great products emerge, and the vision for success can be realized. He has brought this philosophy to a wide array of products, ranging from packaging lines for cosmetics to mobile applications for local news affiliates. He is also the VP of Product and Marketing for HYFN where he oversees HYFN8, an enterprise social media management system and advertising publishing tool. Having led this product from inception to nine figure acquisition, he is deeply familiar with the startup cycle through all of its phases. He has also taught Product Management for over three years at establishments including General Assembly, and has acted as a consultant for numerous early stage startups and the NFL.


Taylor Adams

Taylor Adams

Chairman and Founding Partner

After graduating from USC’s Marshall School of Business in 2007, Taylor joined Morgan Adams Inc, focusing on investment, acquisition, and management of multi-family real estate and mid-cap companies. Taylor earned a Masters in Real Estate Development before transitioning his career to technology venture, training as a software engineer and technical product manager. Taylor has co-founded and advised numerous startups and served as a Partner at a startup incubator. In his spare time, Taylor teaches entrepreneurship at Harvard-Westlake School and sits on the board of directors at Homeboy Industries. Taylor is passionate about human psychology and personal development, striving to help people build abundant and meaningful lives.

Gregory Wertman

Gregory Wertman


Greg attended the USC Marshall School of Business, with an emphasis in Finance & Advertising. Since then, he’s accumulated over ten years of experience growing technology startups, focusing on equity raises and helping companies achieve first revenues. His background includes multiple years working as a venture scout, advisor, & consultant to numerous venture funds in Southern California and SFBA. Greg also built The Buddy Group into a digital ad agency leader through strategic business development and sales, where he drove double-digit growth rates year over year.