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As a matter of necessity, I read a lot. ‘Things You Should Read’ will be an ongoing series in which I share my favorites along with my thoughts.


The Links:

Overpowered Metrics Eat Underspecified Goals

  • I can’t even being to comment on the number of organizations I’ve seen that were fundamentally broken due to a lack of alignment. A great look at how attempts are often poorly executed and some thoughts on fixing that.

Sam Altmans Manifest Destiny

  • YC warps the industry around it. This piece does a good job of explaining why.

The Future of VR

  • Damn near everything Andreessen Horowitz posts is great. This is no exception.

The Future of AI

  • Most media coverage of technology trends is regurgitated crap, and most pundits are charlatans. Marc is the truth.

Non-Materialistic Millennials

  • From my perspective, this is more about substitution and more fluid access to stuff than it is a shift away from consumption and materialism, but it’s interesting nonetheless.