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Politics, Buyouts, Advertising, and the Connected Home highlight my favorite links from the last two weeks.



The Links:

Google and the Limits of Strategy

  • One of the greatest challenges companies endure as they scale is in understand what they are and what they aren’t. This piece does an excellent job of exploring whether or not Google can succeed wading into the world of pure technology.

Twitter Buyout Rumors

  • I’ve done a ton of work with Twitter, and therefore get asked frequently what me perspective is on their future. My guess is that it looks a lot like what the author thinks will happen: a buyout followed by massive cost cuts.

Anti Consumerism in Advertising

  • One of the biggest mistakes I see people make in advertising is assuming that current consumption patterns and values echo those of the past. It’s also a reminder that advertisers are never your friend, particularly when they say they share your values.

8 Years in Obama’s America

  • A mostly objective look at what has gone on over the last 8 years, ranging from foreign policy to domestic technology. Given the current rhetoric, it’s sobering (in the best possible way) to look at things from a 30,000 foot view.

The Way Ahead, by Barack Obama

  • Whatever your opinion on his politics, the President is an incredibly thoughtful, intelligent, and articulate observer of our body politic. I can only hope he continues to write these kinds of pieces in his post presidential career.

Amazon Echo Takes Over

  • I’ve talked to my students (and anyone else that will listen) at length about the connected smart home being the next battleground. This piece is a great example of how rapidly users will change behavior to integrate dozens of functions into Echo and Google Home.