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IOT, Food, Form Factors, and CEO struggles are my favorites for the last week

The Links:

Internet of Things for Product Managers

  • Most ‘traditional’ applications only involve two of the five areas mentioned here, and we’re already seeing the people that understand the others get a huge leg up in hiring and new product development.

Silicon Valley is Coming for Your Lunch

  • Food is so, so tricky. Someone is going to win this space in a big way, but most VC’s are terrified of the long history of failures.

Surface Studio and Nintendo Switch

  • Great post on companies that have been surpassed by nearly every competitor¬†and what they’re doing to turn it around.

Most of What You Know About Investing is Wrong

  • Personal Finance is a huge passion of mine, but it’s an absolutely infuriating space full of misinformation. This article does a nice job of highlighting some prominent areas where dogmatic thinking hasn’t quite given way to reason.

Chipotle Eats Itself

  • Great article about a tumultuous year for what was once a Gold Star company. I honestly have no idea what to make of their troubles after reading it, other than ‘doing food well at scale is hard’.

Steve Blank is Steve Ballmer

  • Great article on why some CEO’s are great in succession while others fail to carve our long term success for their companies.