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This week will look a bit different than others due to the crazy nature of news over the last week. Forecasting, Indian History, Fake News, and Election Fallout rule the day.

The Links:

Binary Forecasting

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb has been massively influential on my approach to nearly everything I do, particularly professionally. This is a great piece that shows why people got so sideways over the course of a long election cycle.

King Ruinous

  • Another top five influence on my thinking, Venkatesh Rao. Ribbonfarm is always great, and this longform history of his experience growing up in India and watching it come full circle is amazing.


Did Facebook Swing The Election?

I firmly believe no, but the below links explore the question in mostly interesting, sometimes maddening ways. Regardless of what impact it had, it’s clear that something has to happen to address fake news. Facebook isn’t alone in bearing that responsibility, but they’re in the crosshairs.


Election Reaction

Everyone has a take, so I’ll save mine. Below are what I found to be some of the more sober accounts of the election, particularly as they relate to large concerns.