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Immersive Mentorship

Learn to take a product-first approach to developing your ideas, achieving product market fit, evaluating performance and growing your business. Over 6 weeks and 12 classes you will learn hands-on skills from proven entrepreneurs and industry experts that will take your company to the next level.

Hands-on learning for immediate impact

Product Management is an essential skillset for anyone working in technology organizations, and is especially relevant for entrepreneurs navigating a wide variety of business roles. We’ll work through core product topics and focus on the needs of your business and execution that will create value from the first week.

Level Up your Core Skills

Customer Development

Don’t waste months and money on a product no one wants!

Empathy Mapping
Market Analysis
Effective Decision Making
Business Model Optimization

Product Validation & Agile Development

Build and Test your product ideas every week with users.

Real World MVP
User Stories
Getting the UX Right
Agile Development

Marketing, Metrics, & Measurement

Double down on what works and ditch the rest.

Growth Hacking
Maximizing ROI for Ad Spend
Pirate Metrics & KPI’s
Financial Modeling & Innovation Accounting

Running a Company

Get it going and keep it going.

Effective Presentations Coaching
Fundraising Strategy
Recruiting & OKR’s
Organizational Design & Corporate Compliance

About this Course

This course is taught by Chris Graham, Co-Founder of HYFN8 and Co-Founder/Managing Director of NoName Ventures, along with Philosophie team members that are experts in Product Strategy, Design, and Engineering and have an established track record of advising startups and enterprise innovation teams.

The course follows the inverted classroom model — reading is distributed before class to minimize lectures and emphasize doing and making. Each class focuses on applying practical concepts in groups that simulate real teams, ensuring retention of core skills that can be directly applied to your business immediately. Upon completion of Immersive Mentorship, students will have the opportunity to pitch their startup to the Noname Investment Committee.

If this sounds like it will help your business, give us a bit more information and we’ll get back to you.


Give us a bit more information and we’ll get back to you.

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