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Companies we’ve Funded

Spidr Tech

Spidr builds Engage, the world’s first community relations platform for law enforcement.


Helpr makes it easy for companies to establish themselves as family friendly. Top employers are comping or subsidizing childcare for on-demand sick care, during mandatory overtime, or at company retreats and parties. HR teams can help parents utilize FSA pre-tax dollars for in-home childcare through Helpr.


Avisare powers the small business economy with services including a consultant marketplace, a business to business social network, and supplier relations management tools.


The platform for real-time formative assessments + a free student response system for digital classrooms. Our web-based software provides live data analytics on any homework, classwork or assessment in order to help teachers, parents and schools guarantee student growth in the moments when it matters most.

Focus Motion

The movement intelligence that wearables have been waiting for. Focus Motion is the world’s first machine learning SDK to track, learn, and analyze human motion on any sensor, on any OS, on any platform.


Fantasmo’s CPS provides hyper-accurate positioning that is an order improvement over GPS. Unlike GPS it works well in cities and indoor, and it does not require any infrastructure such as satellites, beacons or radios. All you need is an inexpensive camera and a data connection. CPS is the next evolution of positioning technology, and it will unlock new capabilities for your applications.

Camera IQ

We provide brands, publishers, and marketers of all types with a robust set of tools & services to transform the camera into a commercial platform. Let’s create impactful, dynamic, and actionable engagement with audiences where they now live: in the camera.


Slingshot employs artificial intelligence to draw insights from a synthesis of satellite, drone and other contextual data streams helping our defense and commercial customers outpace adversaries and competitors.


See how the world’s leading brands use IV.AI to drive revenue, understand needs, and save costs with powerful AI solutions that integrate deeply into your enterprise stack.

VeriSIM Life

Fueling the acceleration of research and development in drug discovery, we create the tools needed for unprecedented medical breakthroughs to take place much earlier in the drug discovery and development timeline. It’s our intention to create innovative products in the medical industry that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare worldwide.


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