Our Investment Thesis

While there has never been a better time to start a technology company, too many businesses are focused on contextually relevant details while failing to answer the hard questions at the core of valuable companies: Product Market Fit, Free Cash Flows, and a Vision for the future. We find the founders that relentlessly pursue their vision by bringing 10x solutions to market with incredible teams and sustainable business models.

Key Tenets

Near Term Profitability

We invest in companies that have a realistic time horizon for profitability because we want them to control their own destiny. When you’re cash flow positive you make decisions from a position of strength, which is where we want our founders to operate.

Incredible Founders

A company is as good as it’s leadership, which is why we invest in founders with vast domain knowledge, a vision for the future, and the communication and leadership skills necessary to build teams that bring the future to life.

Accessibility and Upside

Calcified institutions don’t change overnight. That’s why we invest in companies that are focused on easily accessible entry points into markets with large upside, ensuring they can take the beach before they storm the country.

Irreplaceable Solutions

The companies we admire the most build products that make us wonder how we lived without them. The companies we invest in don’t build alternatives to current solutions; they build products that define their markets and change the way we think about their industries.

Companies we’ve Funded

Spidr Tech

Spidr builds Engage, the world’s first community relations platform for law enforcement.



Helpr makes it easy for companies to establish themselves as family friendly. Top employers are comping or subsidizing childcare for on-demand sick care, during mandatory overtime, or at company retreats and parties. HR teams can help parents utilize FSA pre-tax dollars for in-home childcare through Helpr.



Online support groups, guided by life coaches, focused on topics such as self love, purpose and calling, anxiety and more


Form Lifting

A new device to revolutionize the way you lift with game-changing, real time feedback. Every rep. Every workout. Every time.



Avisare powers the small business economy with services including a consultant marketplace, a business to business social network, and supplier relations management tools.



The platform for real-time formative assessments + a free student response system for digital classrooms. Our web-based software provides live data analytics on any homework, classwork or assessment in order to help teachers, parents and schools guarantee student growth in the moments when it matters most.


Focus Motion

The movement intelligence that wearables have been waiting for. Focus Motion is the world’s first machine learning SDK to track, learn, and analyze human motion on any sensor, on any OS, on any platform.



We do things with cameras, robots & augmented reality. It’s like the future or something.


Camera IQ

We provide brands, publishers, and marketers of all types with a robust set of tools & services to transform the camera into a commercial platform. Let’s create impactful, dynamic, and actionable engagement with audiences where they now live: in the camera.


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