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Why You Should Invest in Noname

We find companies in early to mid seed stages that have achieved product market fit and generate revenue but lack the services, experience, and rigor that comes with institutional investment. This is a high leverage time in a startups’ life, one in which we can bring tremendous value and help drive a dramatic increase in the valuation of the company within the first two years of investment by working with them to solve their biggest challenges. When we do, you benefit, with the peace of mind that our sweat equity goes into every company we invest in.

What You Can Expect

Radical Transparency

We provide detailed quarterly reports on the companies in our portfolio, future deal flow, and overall performance of the fund.

Exclusive Syndication

Our investors have access to syndicated deals with the companies in our portfolio as they progress into later funding rounds, giving you the ability to deploy additional capital in the companies of your choosing.

Value Generation

We research markets, scope features, meet with users, negotiate contracts, and guide marketing. We recruit. We teach. Most of all, we treat their company like it’s our company, getting our hands dirty and contributing in any way we can.

Candor and Courage

Our reputation is built on transparency, honesty, and a willingness to make hard choices. No one can guarantee returns, but we can guarantee that we wake up every day and treat your trust as our highest priority.

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